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Yasaf Burshan sharing experience with Invanto

- The best investment I have ever made in my business

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Yasaf Burshan about Invanto

Why you chose Invanto?

Invanto allows me to focus on creating content for my business, and takes all the technical challenges away. Invanto is easy to use, it has a short learning curve, and the support doing is doing great job making sure I have all the answers I need.

What are the key benefits you achieved with Invanto?

As someone with deep technological background I used to take care of everything by my own. That means a lot of time wasted on the wrong things. With Invanto I don't have to worry about anything other than creating quality content for my students and members. There are no plugins to install, or data to backup, everything is done fore me by Invanto's awesome team.

Which platform(s) you were using before moving to Invanto?

Before using Invanto I used WordPress to host my own content. I had to install multiple plugins and set all the integrations manually. Now I just use Invanto.

About Yasaf Burshan

Founder of WordPress Skills Academy, Yasaf's Vision is to make this world a Better Place. One Course at A Time. Yasaf is an ITIL and PMP certified IT executive with over 20 years of experience in IT and projects management. He is also a security expert serving as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and security advisor. In addition Yasaf is a consultant, a speaker and a blogger with over 15 years of running several WordPress sites of his own. When it comes to teaching, WordPress, Cyber Security and project management are the topics Yasaf is most passionate about. He takes great pride in being able to make complicated things simple. To share his knowledge with other people so they can improve their skills, and learn new ones every day.

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