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Getting Started With MemberFactory

Manage Site Details

In this tutorial we will learn how to edit the details of an existing membership site.

Select "Site Details" from "More" menu inside site management area, as shown in the screen below:

Dashboard> Site Details

You will be re-directed to the Site Details screen as shown below:

Site Details

There are Four tabs under the Site Details section - Details, Social, Settings, and Script.

Site Name: Enter a name for the membership site. The site name is a mandatory field used as a reference and will not appear anywhere on the site.

Site Description: Enter a brief description of the membership site. This is an optional field used as a reference. This will not appear anywhere on the site.

Select Translation: Select the relevant language from the drop-down for translating the language on the front-end.

Primary Currency: Selected currency will be used to process orders for this membership site. Please note that once an order is recorded for the selected membership site, currency cannot be changed.

Site Slug Name: Slug is a unique string used to identify your site in the system and to generate a unique URL for your site. For example, if you enter site slug as ‘thunder’, the system URL of site will be set as The system generated URL of this site can be mapped with your actual domain name such that it’s accessible from something like “” To know more about domain mapping, please follow the tutorial on Domain Mapping.

Note: You can change the Site slug as per requirements.

Pen Name: All the system generated emails (such as Welcome, Login, Comments) will be sent under this name to the members.

Pen Email: All the system generated emails (such as Welcome, Login, Comments) will be sent to this email address to the members.

Site Social

Social Links: Social profile links entered in these fields will be displayed on front end membership site in the footer area. You may enter your facebook/linkedIn/Twitter/Youtube/Pinterest/GooglePlus/Instagram company profile links in these fields.

Note: Please enter complete URL, for example, for FB group:

Site Settings

Show Progressbar: Enable this button if you wish to have a progress bar displayed on the front-end of your site, or toggle to disable.

Enable Lesson Completion Notifications: Enable this button to send out email notifications to site members on completion of each lesson. You can use this feature to send out a congratulation note or a bonus. (Certainly, a nice retention strategy if used in a right way. Of course, you can turn off notifications at lesson level also.)

Forced Completion: Enable this toggle if you want users to mark as complete the previous lesson before accessing the next lesson.

Enable Is Public: Enable this toggle if you wish to set your site as Public. If enabled members will be able to see Curriculum and access content (if set as free).

Show in "Other Products": Enable this toggle, if you want to cross-promote/ display current site on 'Other Products' screen on rest of your membership sites under your account.

TIP: Let's assume you have 3 Membership sites under your account named as 'Alpha', 'Bravo' and 'Charlie'. Now when you enable Show in Other Products toggle in 'Alpha' site, so now members under the other two sites can see and purchase 'Alpha' site from Other Products screen on the front end. Certainly, a great strategy to increase sales if used wisely ;)

Disable Cross Promotion Menu: Disable this toggle if you don't want to show "Other Products" option on the top bar of your membership site front end.

Enable Site: This option is switched ON by default. Toggle to disable the site. Disabling the site means that members will not be able to access the front-end of your site.

Show Welcome Sidebar: Enable this toggle to show a sidebar with Author note and picture on 'Welcome' or any other Static Pages.

Site Script

External Script Code: This field is to track the conversions and sales of this site through a third party analytics program. Paste the external script code provided by that program in this area. For example, if you want to use a Facebook pixel or a Google analytic code, paste the relevant code here.


The others tab contains three fields as explained below :

Admin Message: This message will appear at the Home Page. You can set up separate Admin messages for both of the Home page options.

Tip: If the home page is set to be the Welcome Page, in order to display the admin message you will have to enable the toggle for Show Welcome Sidebar from Site details (Settings tab).

Select Home Page: You can select the default home page which will appear right after someone visit your site. You get the options as "Login Page" or "Welcome Page" to choose from.

Pricing Page Message: This message will appear at the page where all the pricing ns created by you are listed.

Hit Save to add data to the records.